Smart Meter - How to get 30 min data

What is the easiest way to get the 30 min data from the smart meter - can it be downloaded from Bulb, the IHD or do I need to set up a separate data logger with a clamp on my supply? I want to evaluate the benefit of switching to the smart tarrif. I have PV, solar thermal and ASHP so scheduling consumption outside 4 - 7 pm seems relatively straight forward.

I’ve only had the smart meter 5 days so I can’t get any data from Bulb website yet. Siemens installer didn’t think you could get data out of the IHD and a scan of the device didn’t show any open ports to connect to.

Is there an app that can connect to the device? There is some detail on the Chameleon website.

I think some people have managed this via the Samsung Smart Things service. That app records the electricity meter every minute and the gas meter every 30.

I think there’s a “roll your own” part of Samsung SmartThings which is allowing users to extract the data.

Something called Webcore. See: