Smart meter IHD and Smartthings app

Could someone at Bulb tell me why I am getting different readings on the IHD and the Smartthings app. The unit rate displayed is different. I thought Thea was taking the reading from the IHD via WiFi.

Hi @NICOTENE, to paraphrase our help article on the Samsung SmartThings app, The app will always show a slightly different cost to your IHD, as the app includes the standing charge for gas and electricity. Your IHD will add your gas standing charge to the ‘Used So Far Today’ screen at midnight, but it doesn’t include the standing charge for electricity yet.

Hi Lou, big problem there is I don’t have gas with you. The unit rate on the app is higher than the IHD is displaying.

Hi @NICOTENE, I can see that your gas is with another supplier, as you’ve said. In this case, you will likely need to contact your gas supplier about this. Is the unit rate on the app incorrect for the electricity too, or just for the gas?

The gas is not connected to the smart meter as they don’t do them.

@NICOTENE, I understand, thanks for clarifying. Does the cost differ by more than 20p per day?

No it was about a 7p difference but it worries me that I am getting 2 different readings as I thought the app got the information from the IHD.

@NICOTENE, I’ve just sent you an email so I can look further into this for you, so if you would be able to respond to that for me, that would be great :relaxed: