Smart meter IHD connection issue

Hi, hopefully i can get some help here regarding the IHD i have.
So i switched from British Gas to Bulb for a couple of reasons, one being that bulb were more competitive price wise and the other being the ability to view my meter details via smartthings.
I actually came across bulb initially through the smartthings app, which promised a £75 voucher (not heard any more about this) and the previously mentioned benefit of retrieving my information via the app.
Based on this i was fully under the impression Bulb would send me a new IHD with the switch that was smartthings compatible.
Surely it would be stupid to advertise such a great service to lure customers in and not provide them with the tools to achieve it?
Seems though, that was the case.
I spoke to an online chat agent (rare occasion of actually being able to get agents that are available, maybe consider employing more?) who said that bulb do not send out new IHD’s to customers that already have a smart meter, I don’t recall seeing this mentioned on signing up.
She told me that i would have to source my own compatible IHD To enable smartthings connectivity.
Not happy but, as it was the only option, i did just that.
I found myself a used Chameleon IHD3 (which is one of the options of units on the smartthings app) connected it fine to my WiFi however it does not connect to my meter.
I have submitted this info on the bulb website help section who says it will connect within 48 hours, however it hasn’t.
Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction so i can have the smartthings functionality up and running, any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


Go onto online chat and give them the GUID,found in settings,AND printed underneath the IHD,they may say it will take four weeks due to DCC shambles,or 48 hours,I told them not to take the P**S,two hours later it was enrolled on the DCC,although I am still not getting my smartthings data on the app.I got in touch with Bright-Hildebrand,and after various security checks,by law and DCC they give me FREE web access,and app access to ALL my stored data in my two SMETS2 meters back to July 17th. 2020 when they were installed

Thanks for your reply, i have been on to the chat service, which really is a bit of a joke, I’ve waited in the queue 3 times, first time i was instantly disconnected, the second time i thought i was getting somewhere, then i was disconnected, and the third time, again disconnected.

The first agent i spoke to said to send them a picture of the GUID by email, she said she would email me so I could reply to her, this didn’t happen

The second agent said its impossible to pair a IHD to a meter not fitted by them due to a ‘secret activation code’ set by the original supplier.

Bearing in mind i have been transparent with them in what i wanted to achieve i asked them who I’m to invoice for the IHD i was told to source, the chat then got disconnected.

No further forward.

My question is now, is there some sort of special code set by the installer, cant Bulb access this as my supplier? or do am i forever in an unbreakable bond with British Gas?
Can I speak to British Gas and ask them to release this meter from being held hostage? Or is all of the above a myth?

I find what i was told today highly unbelievable, but hey, I’m just an average joe they expect to just comply with what they tell me.

I don’t understand the difficulty in all of this, if it can be done why do suppliers have to make it seem like they just cant be bothered to sort it out by making things up?

I didn’t want to go down the route of submitting a complaint, i have enough of my own personal issues to have to be going through all of that as well.

Any help appreciated


Stick with online chat, waste if time phoning, waste of time emailing,give them the GUID, tell them you would like it sorting in two hours like me, once chat opens you’re able to send a photo, so photo your GUID from settings and send it once your chatting

Hi @Stanfam15, welcome to Community :wave:

Sorry for the delay in response. I have raised your query with our dedicated SmartThings team. They’re just going to take a look into this for you, and when I get a response I’ll be able to explain all to you. This should be around midweek next week. Thanks for your patience.

Hi thanks for your reply, I am however confused what me being able to connect my IHD to the smart meter has to do with SmartThings?
Please can you elaborate on this?

Many thanks.

Still no replies…

@Stanfam15 don’t hold your breath. I’ve had smart problems for 2 months with no fix in sight.