Smart Meter IHD does not match usage on website


In the “Account” settings of my IHD the tariff setting seems to be improbably low at 12.73kW/h

This means that the IHD is consistently showing a much lower usage than is registering on my account in the Bulb website. For example, on the website my usage for 13th March shows as £6.28, whereas the IHD for that day shows a usage of £3.78.

How can I update this setting so the Smart Meter accurately reflects the tariff?

Hi @Kevin3

Thanks for your post :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just raised your issue with our smart team who can send over a remote fix to the IHD.

We will need some photos of your IHD first though, I’ve sent over an email to you requesting these.



I’ve had an email saying that a fix has been applied, but my IHD is still showing the incorrect tariff and usage figures. I’ve restarted the device several times since but it’s still not updated. Can this be looked at again please?



The IHD is still showing the wrong tariff. Can I have an update as to when this will be fixed please?


Hi @Kevin3 :wave:

I can see that you have an open complaint with us over email about this. I have sent a message over to Ollie who is dealing with this for you and he should send an update soon.

– KT :bulb: