Smart meter ihd failure

The smart meters installed a week ago are not working properly . The ihd shows improbable information for electricity and no information for gas. The meters are no more than 2m from ihd. I have tried the advice on the website, ie switching off and on close to the meter. There is no contact info on the bulb website, despite being advised to login to report the failure. So I am reporting it here. Is there a better ihd that I could obtain?

Same problem as practically every other customer.

Contact details are available from the “Contact us” button towards the bottom of the Help page, and also on your statements.

No. Not yet anyway.

so it’s all bulb’s fault they stupidly put the “help” button next to the “community” button and expected customers to distinguish between the two

They didn’t want people to distinguish between the two. That’s why one of the boards is called “Help and Support”. It’s just they decided not to use this for Help and Support any more without actually telling anyone or changing anything. Much like they do with their terms and conditions.

As I said it’s all bulb’s fault
Very little help and even less support
As for T’s & C’s they just make these up as they muddle along(what evers flavour of the month) just to make sure the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing

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