Smart meter IHD (in home display) not working

Anyone else had this problem after installation of smart meter? I’m nearly 2 years on & Bulb cannot get the IHD to work. The actual meter was installed twice, as first was part of bad batch & engineers had to replace them all - second meter sends info to Bulb fine. Bulb cannot get the IHD that displays usage to me to work however. So tired of emailing them but don’t want to give up & just take the £10 compensation they’re now offering to get rid of me! Resetting, letting battery run down, 1 hour commissioning slots all tried repeatedly. Any ideas appreciated!

Hey @Weaselwitch

I am sorry to hear you have been unhappy with the service around your smart meter

We’ve reported this to the IHD manufacturer, and we’re working with them to find a solution. Once we’ve found a fix, we’ll be able to remotely update your IHD to get it working perfectly. If you’d like the update to happen automatically, you’ll need to make sure the IHD is connected to Wi-Fi.

The compensation would have been as an apology however if you feel this is not suitable you the colleague could have sent you an email for you to contact the energy ombudsman, did you want this to be sent across?

–Carl :bulb:

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Thanks Carl. Would be great if the IHD manufacturer could help in some way.

Far more interested in getting a working meter than compensation tbh! (Tho given the amount of time I’ve spent emailing & trying fixes on the IHD, it’s probably warranted - I just don’t want compensation in place of getting it working!)

So no need for Ombudsman’s details just yet thanks, if we can keep trying to get the IHD up & running.

IHD is connected to Wi-Fi all time (just not connecting to the smart meter, even when sat next to it)

Will Bulb contact me to let me know if & when manufacturer has attempted fix?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

3 years in April since I got my smart meters fitted and my ihd has never worked properly.
Don’t get your hopes up about the software update - I’ve been waiting for it since the last quarter of 2019.

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3 years! You win (bad luck). Yes, in all the correspondence back & forth with Bulb the software update has never been mentioned until joining the forum. Was also unaware how many people were having issues.
So won’t get hopes up, but it’s progress of a sort that someone’s acknowledging that there is a cause… :confused:

Hi @ryan4257 :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulty in getting your IHD working. What is the specific issue you’re having with your IHD?

Hi @Weaselwitch :wave:

As the manufacturers send these updates out from their end we do not get notified if this fix will be applicable to your IHD. However, they do send these out every two months so it’s worth restarting your IHD every two months to see if this has rebooted your IHD.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

– Luke :bulb:

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Hi Luke, the IHD connects to Wi-Fi (symbol for signal strength present at top right of display) but not to smart meter (symbol for signal strength at top left always disappears completely a few minutes after going through steps - settings/config/join network.)
The IHD can be in same cupboard as meters & this still happens.
Display / time /date has never updated.

Continuing the cycle of switching on & off /resetting / 1 hour commissioning windows in hope that manufacturer may or may not fix software is pretty disappointing advice to be honest.

If that’s all that can be done I will need to take up your colleague’s offer to send over the Ombudsman’s contact details as Bulb have been given every opportunity to resolve this now without satisfaction. I just want what was advertised :man_shrugging:


My smart meter does not send meter readings and my in home display hasn’t worked since the day after the smart meter was installed last year. I have emailed bulb customer services who told me the meter required a reset and they were on to it, nothing happened. I emailed again a couple of months later but didn’t receive a reply. I have just attempted an online chat in an attempt to solve the problem. Started at 14 in the queue, waited and waited. Got to my turn, ‘Omar’ appeared them promptly disappeared and I returned to number 14 in the queue. I give up, it’s a complete waste of time. If bulb can go back to sending me an email to remind me when my monthly payment is going to come out, I will return to reading my own meter once a month as before. :roll_eyes:

Ouch, feel your pain! My smart meter does at least send readings to Bulb & to the App so looks like I should count myself lucky. :tired_face: Good luck in finding a solution - but I think we’re all giving up hope by the sound of things :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Luke, 8 days since I responded to this, are you or a colleague going to reply please?

Hi Luke, now 15 days & still waiting for a response from you…

Hi @Weaselwitch

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

If you’d like to raise this as a complaint please email Our internal complaints team can then respond with the ombudsman details if they are unable to assist.

– Robyn :bulb:

Thank you for your response Robin.

It’s never connected since the smart meters were fitted. It switches off after about 60-120 seconds before I get chance to try connecting it to WiFi.
If it’s plugged in to power, it comes on again straight away and loops the 60-120 second switch off, then on etc.
If it’s not plugged in, it switches off and stays off even if the battery is full.
There’s no running down the battery unless I sit there switching it back on all day.

So, can I get a replacement IHD for this faulty one yet? Especially since after the last “fix” on my account the daily usage isn’t showing on the dashboard on the website, which is frustrating considering how much prices are rising, and there’s no way for me to keep track.

If you look through my past contact you’ll see all of the above had previously been reported.

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Hey @ryan4257

I can see that we are receiving data from your meters in the account so you are able to use this if your IHD is not working. Have you attempted the fix in the Bulb account? This typically helps when an IHD keeps restarting.

If not, you can attempt that here.

Please let me know if this doesn’t work or you have attempted this before.

– Robyn :bulb:

I’ve tried everything I’ve been asked to try, including the fix many times, a comms hub reboot. A software update isn’t possible because the ihd won’t stay switched on.

The only thing I’m waiting for now is a replacement IHD and I really don’t understand why I still can’t have one.

Hi Ryan,

I’m sorry nothing has worked so far. We wouldn’t send a new device as with time the one you have currently should start working.

Please make sure it is connected to Wifi and plugged in so it can receive any firmware updates sent by the manufacturers.

Thanks for your patience with this,

– KT :bulb:

My smart meter is still not sending meter readings. I’ve given up with customer services and the online chat hasn’t been very talkative lately. Is that another service that has been removed too?

Completely hopeless. :roll_eyes:

Hi Katie, please read my previous comments about the ihd switching off before I can connect it to WiFi.
A new ihd is needed. It’s been like this for 3 years, I don’t think more time is going to fix it.
If you can tell me the latest software version, and when the last update went out, I can try and check mine. I don’t believe it’s ever had an update, because it doesn’t stay on.

That’s the same problem as I’ve had. The electric smart meter was fitted 2 years ago (the engineer couldn’t do the gas meter but that’s another story) He told me there was a strong Wi-Fi signal but he couldn’t pair the meter to the in IHD and bulb would do it easily remotely. How wrong he was.

I’ve contacted numerous times and been side tracked by having off to send pictures of the meter and where it is and restart the IHD etc I finally asked a few months ago if they could send a new IHD and they said they would but not sure when!

Reading this thread makes me think it would be easier to go to another supplier.
Anyone else with a semi submerged gas meter (ground level) been told that Bulb don’t fit smart meters to them?