Smart Meter IHD Issue

HI - I recently had both electricity and gas smart meters installed. After 48hrs my gas readings showed on my IHD for a week and have now stopped. Restarting the IHD loses all usage history. In tat time I received an email from Bulb saying the electricity meter couldn’t be connected to the network and it may be up to 6 months before it could (!!) but I’d continue to receive Gas on the IHD (I’m not though). I didn’t realise there could be this level of issues when I paid for them to be installed. Should I at least be receiving gas on the IHD ?

Hey @mieleg and welcome to the community :wave:

Have you tried logging into your Bulb account via this link? Can you then follow the instructions and you should see usage showing within 48 hours?

– Robyn :bulb: