Smart meter IHD never connected since installation


We had our smart meter installed mid December 2020, so less than a year ago, so I assume a SMETS2 meter. We’ve recently bought an EV and switched to the EV tariff, so I’m keen to keep an eye on things, especially with the unit rates going up as they have recently.

We have a few problems, firstly the gas has never connected to the smart meter, not sure why. The smart meter is about 8m away from the gas meter so perhaps that’s a distance thing? Is there any kind of booster that can fix that?

Secondly, the IHD has simply never ever worked, not once. I start it up and it shows some random account usage! I go into Meter Information and it has different meter readings a completely different MPAN to mine! The elec MPAN looks like a legit MPAN (2198985497901) but it doesn’t match mine. The gas MPRN says 0123456789 so obviously not a real MPRN. I have it within a metre or so of the meter, I’ve reset it, restarted it, connected it to wi-fi, tried ‘Join Network’ but nothing! It’s the Chameleon IHD6. The wifi symbol in the top right shows good signal, but the ‘mobile strength’ symbol that I think is meant to be in the top left is missing.

Thirdly, I set my account to half hourly usage reporting (for the EV tariff), and that seems to be feeding through to the usage graph on the online account (for Elec, not gas because of problem 1), but the bulb app (android, latest version) doesn’t show any of the graphs it’s meant to under the Usage tab, it just shows a list of recent readings.

Any thoughts? Help much appreciated

All the best


Hi @MrJC

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

I’ve just had a quick chat with our smart team, who are going to try and remotely commission your gas meter - so that we can get it connected to the smart network.

In regards to your IHD, I think there may be some crossed information on our records which is causing the incorrect MPAN/MPRN to show.

So we can get everything straightened out, we just need some photos of your meters and IHD. I’ve sent you through an email requesting them. If you could reply to the thread with the photos and any more queries you have that would be great.

Finally, the usage graphs are still in beta mode, which is potentially why they won’t be showing in the app. I’ve reached out to our product team to see if they have a fix for this though.

Ele :bulb:

He Ele, thanks for the messge. Please find attached the photos requested. I couldn’t work out how to get the MPRN showing on the gas meter, not sure if you needed that?

Hmmm, it’s saying “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”, I’ll email them to you instead