Smart Meter / IHD not connecting after 48 hrs

As the title says. Smart Meter installed 2 days ago and the IHD isn’t connecting to it. Needless to say trying to actually speak to someone at Bulb is proving nigh on impossible. Help please…

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In regards to your IHD, it is common for it to take a few days for to to start working after a smart meter installation.

However, there are still a few thing you can do to make sure it is set up correctly.

Firstly, please plug the device in within 5 meters of your electricity meter. Once you have done this, restart the device by holding down the on/off button for 15 seconds, until the device turns off and back on again before you let go.

If this does not work, then please follow this link in your Bulb account to restart the connection to your IHD.

By following this link, your IHD should start showing your usage within 48 hours. Please restart the device as I explained before (by holding down on/off button) tomorrow morning and the morning after.

If your usage still isn’t showing on Monday morning, let me know on here and I will drop you an email to see what else we can do.

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Monday morning - guess what, it’s still to working.

Its now tuesday - and your much promised help still hasn’t arrived. Nor may I add is the smart meter working…

I had gas and electric smart meters installed almost 2 weeks ago and it’s still not connecting. I have followed all the advice on the Bulb website (used the weblink to reset the connection, turned off and on again etc.) and it’s still showing the demo figures. Very frustrating! Currently trying to speak to Bulb on their online chat to get the issue fixed but not holding out much hope!

Hi @brian73, would you be able to change your smart meter reading intervals from monthly to half-hourly? This can often fix issues with us being able to receive smart meter readings, because instead of relying on the meter to push us a reading for the billing date, which can have issues, half-hourly reads pull reading from the meter. Pulling readings is much more reliable.

Hi @pbaumann, I can see that you raised a complaint with my colleague Ben about this today, so he’ll be able to assist you with this via email :+1:

Lou :stars:

Ive done that @Lou_at_Bulb, but it doesn’t change the fact that the IHD still isn’t connecting to the meter. When / how is this going to get fixed??

Same here, had it one week, nothing, it just keeps turning on and off every 30 seconds…waste of half a day off to have it installed. Tried to speak to them on their online chat, had a very ignorant response. They may be cheap on tariff but they are well down the pecking order with customer service!!!

Yup - customer service is very poor. Not so much in who I deal with, but response times are appalling and I just get the same “fix” - follow links on webpage / restart IHD. Needless to say not working…

Hi @paulainge7

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I’m really sorry to hear about your experience on our chat service. I’ve just sent you an email so we can hopefully fix the issues you’re having with your IHD.

Hi @Gabby_at_Bulb - is there any chance of someone fixing mine while they’re at it?

Hi Bulb support team. Its now been 2 weeks! Is there any danger of anyone actually trying to solve this issue?

Hey @brian73, we’re sorry for the delay in our responses :disappointed: If you would like a quicker response, please pop us a message via Twitter, Facebook or our online chat! :+1:

Having a look at your account I can see that your readings are now coming through which is great, however i’m sorry to hear that the IHD is not displaying the usage. Would you be able to try running the account fix and hard reset again now that there is a connection between the smart network and the meter has been established?

Please follow the instructions very carefully otherwise the fix won’t work :sweat_smile: