Smart meter ihd not showing electric

Just had a smart meter fitted this morning. I’m trying to switch between gas and electric on in home display but its staying on gas. Have I got to give it more time to sinc . Or is there a problem.

There is a widespread problem. If you have a gas reading you’re one of the lucky ones. There may be installs in which the IHD works properly but those customers don’t post here so it’s difficult to assess the scale of the problem.

Thanks you. Looks as if the gas screen is frozen so nothing is working. So looks like I’ll have to wait for a update or something

Bulb say they are working on a solution, but meanwhile you should let them know you are affected - they will want you to send in a photo of the ihd and some details - I think they have a pinned thread above giving an email address and phone number .

No electric reading on my home display only gas, tried to reboot but no change

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Sorry that some of you are still having issues with this. Fixing IHD issues can be a little fiddly, much like when you have WiFi or Bluetooth issues on a perfectly functioning mobile phone. We know it can be frustrating, so thanks for your patience so far.

Just to confirm that the IHD needs to be fairly near the electricity meter - if it’s very far away this can sometimes cause issues.

The best way to get a quick fix is, as @yotto says, to report the problem here

The latest fix is working for roughly half the members who’ve contacted us. If this hasn’t worked, then unfortunately it’s likely that your IHD is having a rarer issue that we’re not able to fix yet.

We’ve raised these issues with the manufacturer of the IHDs, who are currently working to get to the bottom of them. Once they’ve done this, we can revisit your issue and hopefully get things moving for you.

Electricity data unavailable…

If I turn the IHD off and back on again it fixes the problem for about 60 seconds as I can see my usage briefly before the electric data disappears again?