Smart meter IHD not working

I had a SMETS2 meter fitted on 18 Sept. The In House Display (IHD) has never connected to the meters and has shown the default /example figures since being fitted. I have tried everything to try to connect this to the meters. I have submitted a number of ‘My IHD isn’t working’ forms, but to no avail. Yes, the IHD is within 5m, yes I have switched it off and on, yes I have tried everything humanly possible. Meter readings are being received by Bulb apparently on 26 Sept. I have emailed the Help at Bulb, but they didn’t bother to reply. There is a good signal shown on the meter, the HAN led flashes, etc - but no connection to the display? Has anyone (including Bulb) any answers to solve this? Or is this just a case of rubbish software/technology?

Same story for me - meter fitted 7 days ago, IHD within 5m, switched on/off, submitted ‘My IHD isn’t working’ twice. Sent email a few minutes ago so will eagerly await a positive response! Not holding my breath though.

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On the previous site there were threads where this was happening to thousands of customers including me so you are not alone. Mine was installed in June and after a couple of weeks worked intermittently. Any fixes suggested by Bulb only worked for a while. In the last month it has improved and runs about 75% of the time but still drops out sometimes for a day or so.

I tried contacting Chameleon, the IHD supplier, who clearly dont want to know either.
Makes a farce of this smart roll out program when Bulb et al are clearly failing to supply equipment fit for purpose. The technical architects who come up with these solutions should be held responsible and make them work. Such a waste of time and public money

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Me too. I contacted them giving them some detailed info about what I thought was happening with the hardware and I didn’t even get an automated courtesy reply. I think Bulb have tried really hard and it does seem better than it was but I would be suing Chameleon if I were them!

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Don’t hold your breath, mine was installed in February and it’s worked for about 5 days since!

Smart meter fitted Wednesday , today Friday no longer have electric reading just says unavailable, am I supposed to contact someone or just unplug and not know my usage?

What happens if you have a variable tariff? Can you be held legally responsible for your consumption if you can’t tell what you are using? Bulb should be putting the roll out on hold until they have a working solution.

The IHD is the end point of quite a complicated system and in the majority of cases where there are problems it is not actually the IHD that is the issue.

For example the lack of electricity data being shown, which is a pretty common problem for Bulb customers, is probably a meter issue not an IHD issue.

Sending emails to a business that you are not actually a customer of, being that you don’t spend any money with them, and getting irate with them about a problem that is not necessarily theirs is unsurprisingly unlikely to garner a response.

Had mine fitted in the middle of August. It’s connected to electricity but not gas. For some reason my bill for electricity is estimated even though it is connected!! I want to go on the variable tariff and I am being stone walled. Not good enough.