Smart meter IHD stuck on wifi scan

I have a smart meter installed and it’s been working fine for a few months.
I also had it connected to wifi and was using samsung smart things to view data on my phone.
However for the last 2 says the ihd seems to have lost the ability to use the wifi. It’s stuck in wifi scan mode and I cannot select cancel scan in the ihd menu. In fact there are no options other than cancel scan in the wifi menu, even though that doesn’t work. The ihd does still seem to connect to, and read from the meters ok. Other devices are happy talking with my wifi router.
It’s just the wifi.
Anyone else seeing this? Has there been a firmware download to knock it out.

I think I have answered my own query. I unplugged the IHD and let it power off.
When it came back on line the wifi was working ok as before.
Hope someone out there finds this useful!