Smart Meter IHD - WiFi or Not?

Looks like Bulb is installing some IHDs with wifi and some without. See Connecting your smart meter's In-Home Display (IHD) to Wi-Fi – Bulb They state “Connecting the In-Home Display to your Wi-Fi means it’ll stay updated automatically. You won’t need to run software updates like you do with a computer or smartphone. And it’ll give you access to more detailed features in your Bulb account in the future.” on Preparing for your smart meter installation – Bulb

I’m interested if there is any information on what additional features the WiFi model offers as I’ve received the non-wifi version.

The model that connects to WiFi would additionally provide real-time electricity usage figures to Bulb for fancier graphs/usage information on the website/through the Bulb app.

Ovo used to do a similar thing but had some technical problems with the setup so no longer support or install any WiFi IHDs so we’ll have to see how well Bulb’s setup works.