Smart Meter IHD

Anyone else had a smart meter fitted? Mine installed 2nd May and still not reading data from my meters as of - 10th May. Engineer said it takes up to 48 hours to start up and to call if it didn’t. Call who? No number anywhere for this. Raised these issues on an online chat with Giles at Bulb which was not helpful in any way, no apology and no clear idea of how it would be resolved. At the moment left with a smart meter that isn’t smart but is using my electricity! My advice if Bulb invite you to get one - DON’T DO IT!!

@SH76, all electricity meters (one spinny ones and new digital or smart ones alike) use some electricity to function, however the actual amount is tiny.

Please see the multitude of other threads regarding issues though.

My advice if Bulb invite you to get one - DON’T DO IT!!
Be aware that if you turn down a smart meter now then there's no guarantee that the installation of one will be free in the future. The smart meters will be fully functional in the future, even if there are some teething issues right now.