Smart Meter in a Single Tariff and not in Economy 7


I have moved one month ago in this new house which is provided with a SMART METER Liberty 100. Since I have moved in bulb asked me to put the night and day meter reading as according to their records I have an economy 7.
I have asked them for help many times as I was not able to understand the reading as I have never had a smart meter before, and nobody replied. This ends up putting me the wrong reading and giving me a bill of 145£ for an usage of 908kwatt according to them! I live by myself in a studio flat, working full time so definitely the right amount of energy that one person can use.

I have written many times to the Bulb people because, THANKFULLY, I have a display showing exactly how much I am using and I can clearly see every week and every day and I have used in one month 290kWatt.

I have looking on web to understand how to read the night tariff, when I press 6 I do not have a NIGHT or DAY reading, when ACT Rate comes up showed R0 without showing any Kwatt.

To see Kwt I have to press 9 twice and I have IMP KWATT value, and thats it. I do not have anything showing IMP R01 or IMP R02 specifying the night and day.
Bulb it has been completely unhelpful, they said that I have two values coming up one when I press 9 it shows RO 19xxx and the second pressing 9 twice it shows IMP Kwatt 26xxx which is the correct value showed in my smart display.
According to BULB I have two rates, but according to the rest of the world in internet if the meter showed IMP KWAtt means I have only a standard tariff.

I am considering to switch supply and to a formal complain as I have been treated so unfair from them.

Anyone has same experience?

Hi @marcellaurpis,

I can see my colleague is dealing with this via email for you now. If you wish for it to be escalated to a complaint, please let them know on that email thread and they’ll be able to do that for you there.

Let me know if you still need any help with anything!