Smart Meter In House Display

I am in the process of switching to you, we already have a Smart Meter installed will you be able to read this and will I get a new in house display?

I have just switched and I also have a smart meter. Would be good to use them, as I am great at forgetting to submit readings!

Thanks for my badge :slight_smile:

Hey @carpmad and @kerryg17, thanks for your questions about your smart meters. Current smart meters aren’t so true to their name and only the supplier that supplied it can take automated readings from the meters. The industry is making sure that future smart meters are compatible with more than just the supplier who installed it. We don’t have any concrete plans at the moment but we will be trialling smart meters around the summer of this year. If you both would like to be added to the list I can do so right away and you’ll both be kept in the loop regarding the trial.

Yes please, I would be very pleased to be added to the list. Thank you

@kerryg17, that’s all done for you :slight_smile:

@sj_han Could you please add me to the list for smart meters trials?

No problem @willt. You’ve been added!

I would also like to be included in this list for smart meter trials

Hi @stevemunn1 I’ve added you to the waiting list for the trials too!

@sj_han could I be added to the waiting list for smart meter trials too please :slight_smile:

@sj_han can I pretty please be added to the waiting list for the smart meter trial as well?

Hi @swede your wish is my command, you are on the list

@laurie and you too! Haven’t forgotten about you :slight_smile:

I’d like to be included on the trial if possible?

Hey @andy thanks for your email I’ve added you to the trial :slight_smile:

Hi, would you please add me on the list as well? Many thanks.

no problem @"ist " - you’re now on it!

Could you add me to the trials please

ofcourse @carpmad ! consider it done