Smart meter incorrect readings

So having been with bulb for some time now but having british gas smart meters fitted it has always been necessary for me to submit my meter readings. Earlier this year Bulb began taking smart readings from my meters despite me still submitting them.
Immediately i noticed that the electricity meter reading was way out and rang the call center.
Despite repeated emails and phone conversations requesting they refrain from working out my electricity bill from their smart readings and continue to be wrong.

Hi @robert_bakewell :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch. From looking at your account, I can see that you are submitting the Total Import reading on your smart meter. With these meters, they usually send over the Rate 1 reading, which is slightly different from the total reading. If you press the green A button on the meter, you should be able to cycle through some displays and find the Rate 1 (or R01) reading. This reading should match with the smart meter readings on your Bulb account.

Let me know if you can’t find that reading and we can look into this further.

-Luke :bulb: