Smart meter install >10m between gas and electric meters

My gas meter is about 13m from the electric meter and you say you can’t install as a result. Why don’t you use a signal relay (same as a powerline adapter for Wi-Fi) as other providers offer in such circumstances? ie. plugged into a mains socket adjacent to the gas meter, which I have?

I don’t think any smart meter communication hubs make use of Zigbee-to-powerline bridges. Could you supply a reference for one that does?

A situation likes this requires a Zigbee repeater, and this would need to be installed half-way between the meters - right next to the gas meter wouldn’t help. But I don’t think Bulb offer those either, so doesn’t solve your problem.

If you know of a supplier installing smart meters that work with Zigbee repeaters or Zigbee-powerline bridges, then I’d suggest switching to that supplier for the installation. You can always switch supplier again afterwards.

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The current version of ZigBee being offered is 2.4 GHz but I believe another version, 868 MHz, will be offered that has a greater range. That might work for your situation.

My Smart meter was installed recently and it is the 2.4 GHz version. I had to fill out a suitability questionnaire and the distance between, and location of, the meters was important.

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Ovo claim to be able to provide a repeater in these circumstances so maybe I’ll have to switch if I really want a smart meter. .

Typically the maximum distance is about 60 feet (18.3 meters) and lots of walls inbetween will shorten this distance even greater. But no fear - if you have a power socket somewhere in-between the meters, we can use a signal ‘relay’ to fix this

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Yes, that’s the sort of thing I was talking about. It’s just a wireless Zigbee repeater, not powerline, so it has to go half way-ish in between the devices. You’ll need something like this, or wait for the lower-frequency longer-range units to become available as @jchidley said.

If there’s another supplier who can definitely do it, and they appear to have working smart meters (unlike many of Bulb’s installations) then I’d suggest switching to get the installation done.

Being a complete newby on the subject of Smart Meters, how does it work if the Meters are on the outside of a house ? I guess the power source is the feed to the Electric Meter with the Gas Meter running off the same wire ?

The meters just replace your existing meters in a like-for-like swap.

There must be a wire running into the new Gas Meter from the Electric Meter ?

The gas meter is battery operated with a lifespan of 10 years before battery replacement.

Thanks. The in-house displays run on Bluetooth ?

Zigbee radio, but yes similar to Bluetooth.

Some of them also have a WiFi connection for additional services, but that’s not absolutely necessary for the basic operation.

And the meters have a conventional read out of usage in case of failure of connection ?

Yes. Although depending on the model it sometimes requires a few button presses and navigation through a menu system to get it. This gets a bit more complicated with multi-rate tariffs.

Gas meter displays are blank under normal operation, in order to save the battery. Some people mistake this for them being broken and don’t realise they need to press a button to wake it up and read the display.

Thanks. That’s what I needed to know.