Smart meter install complaint

I had an engineer visit on Tuesday to install gas and electric smart meters. He did the electric one fine. When he came to do the gas he said the lever to turn the gas off was stiff and didn’t want to risk doing it in case it breaks. He said Cadent will have to replace it and rebook the meter to be done. He also said i won’t have to wait long for the gas one to be installed because i have already had the job half done.

Cadent came and said there was nothing wrong with the lever and they need to be a bit stiff in case of accidentally knocking it etc. He decided to replace it with a new one anyway because it was a bit old and he was here.

I now have to wait another 3 months, November 3rd to get someone out to do the smart gas meter. I am disgusted I have to wait that long under the circumstances.

I have made 3 complaints to bulb and I am getting nowhere. Hopefully you have complained to Siemens on my behalf also. Your complaints department i have emailed do not read emails properly. I can’t access the date on my account to change it if an earlier one comes up. There is no section there for the smart install. The complaints department just keep coming back saying change the date in the app. This is getting ridiculous!

I’m sorry what is the problem here? The siemens engerneer was concerned about the gas lever, as I personally would want him to be. I’d imagine they install loads of these meters, so it must have been different to what it’s usually like. So he wanted someone to check it. You have to wait 3 months for the smart gas meter, because there is a long long waiting list due to coronavirus? What’s the big deal? I’d get it if you couldn’t access gas at this time or something like that, but no? Annoying? Sure. Worth complaining to bulb 3 times about? Not in my opinion. Bulb came and installed a smart meter at my house. It couldn’t get a reliable reception. Not the end of the world, it’s just the same as my old meter. It’s most certainly not a “Total mess up”

Yes it is. There was nothing wrong with the lever. I am guessing the installer didn’t want to do the job and just made it up. He also lied when he said the new visit will be booked in quick. I even asked if I should book a new appointment while he was here. He said no. That’s because he knew the lead time.

What’s the point of a complaints email if they don’t listen to what you are saying either. I suppose that’s ok too? They are just making themselves look like idiots.

Yes, in this case, there was nothing wrong with the lever, according to cadent, however, what if the gas lever had of broken? You would have been properly messed up then and would have had to call an emergency line.

Christ, I dread to think the post you would have made then “BULB SMART METER TEAM DESTROYED MY GAS SUPPLY”

Usually, the revisits are quick, and I bet he’s used to saying that. what he might not be aware of is the large waiting list that has accumulated while meter installs were not available.

Bulbs complaint email has been great for me since they have stepped up their game. (IF you have been here when bulb was becoming wildly popular became understaffed, that was when it was poor.) Take for example my billing query. I complained yesterday on the live chat. a friendly person (Jessica) explained that she would work on the problem, and open a complaint for me. now TODAY, just a few hours since yesterday, my problem had been fixed, and I even got a nice little compensation.

Overall, you seem to be making a mountain over a molehill, and I really don’t understand the need to complain 3 times, when nothing can really be done. The smart meter isn’t essential, and lots of people, like me, have no smart meters at all.

Well this particular person in the complaints department was not very good in my opinion. Why did he keep replying with the same response when i had already told him I can’t see the appointment. Maybe he was a bot.

It seems you got a helpful member of the team.

How did you contact bulb? If it was the online chat, it’s a bot until it actually says “connected to an operator”

It was via the complaints email address.

Would Tigermad and izzyhunt like pistols at dawn??

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Hi @Tigermad I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with the handling of your complaint following your partially completed smart meter installation.

Firstly, given that the engineer installed the electricity meter it seems highly unlikely that they didn’t want to do the gas. Gas safety is really important so for the engineer it would be a precautionary measure if they felt the lever may break.

Regarding your complaint, I can see you’ve been offered some goodwill credit for the delay to your gas meter exchange, unfortunately we can’t offer anything sooner, as the escalation process is for faulty meters or urgent situations.

I’d advise getting back to the complaint email thread and we can take your concerns into account.

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Hi Matthew

Thank you for your reply. Your representative kindly gave me some credit which I appreciate but kept suggesting that I can amend the dates myself when I had already said more than once that I cannot see the appointment or change dates on my account page. So I was a little frustrated.

I would like the ability to see the dates so I can make any changes. Is this not possible?