Smart meter install - engineer did not show up

I was scheduled to have a smart meter installed today between 10 and 2, but the engineer never showed up and failed to contact me. Siemens have just called me now, four hours after the time slot, to tell me that I need to re-arrange the installation with Bulb.

When I click on the link to view or re-arrange the installation on my Bulb account page, it tells me I will be charged £30 to re-arrange! This surely cannot be right? I’m not the one that didn’t turn up at the agreed time…

I’m not sure where it says you’ll be charged £30 to re-arrange the installation, but Bulb gave me £30 compensation for not turning up to install mine. They paid it direct to my bank account rather than a credit on my statement.

Hi @Kevin3 and @Eddie

Thanks for your posts,

Sorry to hear the smart installation didn’t go as planned.

I just had a chat with Harvey, my colleague you have been emailing about the install, he is going to check the engineers notes as to why it didn’t go ahead and then look to get a new date booked in.

We do offer £30 compensation for failed smart meter installs if the slot is missed or the engineer fails to show. Once Harvey has the engineers notes we can look to add this into your account

Ele :bulb:

Hello Ele,

Thank you for your response. When can I expect to actually have this job rescheduled. I have now been contacted by two different support representatives who have asked me to provide the same information that I have already given. I have sent this information through again, only to get a reply asking for exactly the same information!

I am not at all satisfied with the service here. I am not booking in a new job, I simply want the job that was scheduled to actually be carried out. I do not expect to have to provide the same information three times simply because your engineer did not turn up.

Hi @Kevin3

Really sorry to hear you’ve had a frustrating experience with us.

I just checked over the email thread with Maria, it is a very confusing chain and not up to our usual standards so I apologise for that.

We do just need to reschedule the booking, and have requested the next available dates from our engineering company - my colleague Harvey will be in touch to confirm a date and discuss compensation.

Ele :bulb: