Smart meter install... & move?

Hi there. I’ve been a customer for a year or so and Bulb are fitting smart meters at my house next week. Our gas meter is in the cellar and it’s currently located in the central area of the cellar… the main gas pipe that feeds the meter runs approximately 3m down the middle of the cellar at head height and really gets in the way. Ideally I’d like to have the meter moved to the point where the feed gas pipe enters the internal cellar wall at the front of the property… this would also mean having to extend the existing combi boiler gas pipe that connects to the meter. I wondered if this was something the Bulb engineer could do and, if so, what the charge would be? Many thanks

Bulb have contracted out the installation of smart meters, so it’s possible that anything other than the standard replacement of existing meters wouldn’t be allowed. Best to ask Bulb directly.

Where is your shut-off valve? If it is adjacent to the meter the installer can only put the new meter in the same place as the old one (only the network operator can move the shut-off valve). If by any chance there is a shut-off valve near to where you would like the new meter to be then the installer should be able to position the new meter next to it. But he would not provide the new boiler connection pipe - you would need a gas-safe registered engineer to do that. And possibly an electrician to re-provide a main earth bonding cable.