Smart Meter install offered but now says no signal coverage in area?


I got an email about booking my smart meeting install (I reside in the Aberdeen, NE of Scotland), I had a quick look at the process to the point where I saw you were able to select actual install dates - but I wasn’t in the position to chose the date at that time. Now I’ve gone back into the process, to arrange the date and all I get is a page telling me that there is no signal coverage in my area and Bulb will contact me once the network coverage is available.

What’s going on?

I thought the smart meters used GSM/3G coverage, of which there is plenty (given this is a city with multiple providers)? Has something changed and now the offer of a smart meter is rescinded? Is there an actual plan for the ‘network coverage’ to be extended?

@i_am_dm, in the north of the UK, the DCC network (for SMETS2 meters) uses long range radio. In the south of the UK they use mobile infrastructure.

Bulb has had a number of unsuccessful installs due to the signal not being as good as they had been told it should be so I suspect they’re just being a bit more cautious until Arqiva get their act together and sort this out.

I’m close to the centre of Leeds and even my install had “signal issues”.