Smart Meter Install Query

I’ve just been going through the online form to have a smart meter installed and noticed it mentioned about having 2 feet of free space where the meter will be going. Does there have to be two feet on each side of my existing meter (electricity)? My current meter is located in a box outside and is installed to the left hand side of this box. There is 2 feet available above, below and to the right, just not to the left. Would it still be possible to install the smart meter?

Hi - they’re really asking ‘can the engineer get to the meter easily, or is it in a really tiny awkward space?’ It sounds like yours should be ok. Only thing - it’s not a semi concealed gas meter is it? They can’t do those at the moment:

Hi Susan, thanks for the quick reply! No, luckily it’s not one of the semi concealed gas meters, so hopefully everything should be ok. Cheers!