Smart Meter Install

Smart Meters.
Can a double pole isolation switch be fitted between the new meter and consumer unit at the time of the meter change.This should be the most economical method of installation of an isolation device.
I have posted this message before and have no answer.
Do BULB staff monitor this forum?
If there is no answer to my query ,which company undertakes the meter change?
I could contact them myself.
This query my be of interest to other customers who in the future may need a Consumer Unit upgrade.
An isolation device fitted at the same time as a meter change should involve minor cost implications.
It would mean in future the main supply fuse would not need removing for future work on the consumer side of installation.

I have just called Customer Services very helpful guy answered a number of queries.
With regard to my previous comment Siemens Metering undertake Metering Work and normally charge around £120 for isolation switch installation.