Smart Meter Installation Aborted

After succumbing to the noise about fitting smart meters I arranged for installation to take place today. Unfortunately our Smart Meter installation was aborted as the electricity meter could not be commissioned.

According to the engineer, the DCC does not have us registered as a customer with Bulb. He didn’t know why. After being without power for over an hour our old meter has now been reinstalled and I will be back to providing manual readings. Needless to say we will not pursue the installation of smart meters any further.

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Hi @martynhelen :wave:

Hmmm that sounds odd- we have both your meters and supply both on the national databases. I’m not sure what the DCC had to do with the installation as this is part of the connection process, rather than the installation itself. We can still install smart meters and leave them to be connected to (commissioned) later so I’m not sure why this happened :thinking:

We’d be happy to investigate this further if you’d like, or would you prefer to keep your current meters? I’m really sorry this happened!

– H :bulb:

Might be worthwhile investigating further in case it happens to other cusstomers furter down the line. Must admit I’m a bit confused/curious as to why its happened!(the explantion should make interesting reading)

Hi, thank you for your reply.

The Engineer did install the new electricity smart meter but said it couldn’t be commissioned as the DCC did not recognise us as a Bulb customer. He was advised therfore to abort the installation and reinstall the legacy meter which he had just removed. He did this and with apologies left. He said he had never encountered this problem before.

I think we will stick our existing meter now thank you.