Smart Meter installation - *and move*

Hi bulb, I wonder if you could answer these two questions?

I’m having my flat renovated at the moment and as part of it I would like to:

  • have a smart gas meter installed
  • move where the meter is

Is this possible within the one visit to install the smart meter? Or would I have to do something crazy like move the meter and then apply for it to be converted into a smart meter?

Also, are there any rules on placement of the meter? At present it’s on the front of the house, accessible from the street in a really ugly position like others on the street. As it’s a smart meter and can be read remotely could it, and my upstairs neighbour’s meter be moved to my back garden? I am thinking that no one will need to access either of our meters for simple things like meter reads, and if access was needed for something more substantial like maintenance then I would need to be present to give the engineer access to the house anyway, regardless of whether it was on the front or back of the house.

Any guidance welcome!

Okay so we aren’t installing smart meters at the moment. so it wouldn’t be a smart meter, just a regular one.

In terms of moving the meter, we can move your meter 1m without requiring you to contact the electricity distribution company. Anything more than 1m, or moving to a different wall, you would need to call your distribution company to arrange for them to lay more cabling to the new meter location.

An electrician would then need to make sure that the meter is then ready to be hooked up to the new meter location too.
Here’s a useful description from UKPN about meter responsbility -

The meter would always need to be somewhere accessible as the meter wouldn’t be installed and then never accessed again. Outdoor may be easier if you don’t expect to be in the property, but you’re right in saying a meter reader would not be necessary moving forward.

I’d advise on calling UKPN or checking their website on advice on moving a meter a fairly substantial distance -


Hi Rob, thanks for that. I was aware that you aren’t installing smart meters now, perhaps I should’ve said that. I was thinking more about when you do start installing smart meters, would it be possible to move the meter at the same time. I also should’ve mentioned that I was referring to the gas meter, though it’s interesting to know about the electricity one too.


@scott5904 Yes it would be possible, how far would you want to move the meter?

It would be more than a meter - from the front of the house to the back, ideally… ?

Hi Scott, this is possible though involves you arranging this with the gas distributor in your area, which is probably National Grid, you will need to arrange with them to move all the necessary pipe work and then once completed we would attend and fit the meter.