Smart Meter installation date?

Hi, When will i be offered a Smart Meter please?
My Postcode is DY8

Are you aware you’ve told the entire internet almost precisely where you live? If that’s what you intended, please disregard this post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Becky, Don’t have one unless they can 100% that the current problems have been fixed. I can’t believe that they are still going ahead fitting them when they still haven’t fixed the problems with ones fitted over 10 months ago.
It wasn’t until I looked into the problem after mine was fitted 1st April 2019 that I discovered how many other people had the same problem. The best part was that for months after I’d receive an email asking me to submit a meter reading but the system wouldn’t let me as it didn’t accept the new meter reading. And don’t even get me started on the HOME DEVICE UNIT. The engineer couldn’t get it to work but said it may take up to 24hrs to connect. I spent hours trying it again and again before having it confirmed by an email that as there was a fault with the new smart meters not being connected and working the HDU would not work either.
I have not heard anything from Bulb in regards to the non-working meters in months despite their promises to keep me informed. I can’t believe they are still fitting new ones. Just trying to keep their figures up for the government whether they work or not. I guess the Government don’t ask how many work - just how many have been fitted!!

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Hello Becky

They sound like a great idea but I wish I hadn’t agreed as it is turning into a headache.

Bulb fitted my Smart Meter 6 days ago - I live in East Dorset.

The installer from Siemens did the job in less than an hour (not 2-3 hours as stated) and couldn’t have been more awkward and unfriendly. He gave me the Home Device and booklet then was off in a shot. I also discovered he left paperwork in my electric meter box saying that something was broken and needed fixing - it wasn’t broken before his visit!!!

Six days later the home device only reads the gas and has never connected to the electricity meter - despite countless restarts. Today the WiFi connection on the home device has failed- despite a strong signal in its location. My Bulb account shows ‘0’ for the electricity usage so it seems Bulb cannot see my ‘not so smart’ meter either.

I contacted Bulb as suggested in the Bulb Smart Meter handbook - all emails have been ignored.

Today I get a standard email saying my smart meter is up and running and that it may take up to 2 ‘months’ for the meter to connect with Bulb.

Had I known the truth about the Smart Meter fiasco I would never have agreed to the installation.

Becky - please stick with your old meters until the industry fixes the many known issues with the latest batch of Smart2 meters.

I will be making a complaint to OFGEM is Bulb does not sort this out within the regulatory 8 weeks.