Smart Meter Installation Did NOT take place - no notice given

I had a smart meter installation booked for last Friday (4 March) for which I took the afternoon off and had made arrangements with my landlord for access to my meter. The appointment slot was between 2 and 6pm and I had booked the appointment 3 months in advance.
By 4pm I had no call and I contacted the online chat to make sure that the installation was still taking place. The response was ‘yes, there is no reason to suggest that it will not take place’
6pm came and went and still no sign of an engineer. And now I cannot rebook on your site. If I missed the appointment I would find a hefty charge on my account instead I have been given false information and no help through the ‘help’ email exchange. To add insult to injury this installation is for a property housing 2 disabled and ageing individuals.
I was previously impressed with Bulb customer support and referred many friends to your services. Unfortunately, there service has noticeably declined and I have been left in limbo as to whether I can have installation through you or wait until I transfer to a new energy provider.
Reading this forum, it appears that there may be some issues as I did not realise until accessing this community that I am not the only one who has had a missed appointment through no fault of the customer.

Hi @FZH - welcome to community :wave:

I’m really sorry the engineer didn’t arrive in your 4 hour appointment window. This usually means the engineer scheduled to install your meters was rescheduled to an emergency job, or had to call in sick.

I know this is frustrating, so we’ll add £30 credit to your Bulb account for keeping you waiting. You’ll see the credit in your account in the next 10 days.

I would advise checking back in your Bulb account to see if there’s any new available dates. If not please let us know and we can raise it with our metering company Siemens.

– Meg :bulb:

Thank you for your reply. I have been checking my online account everyday since the failed installation and I do not even have an option to request an installation.
Thank you for the credit which I keep an eye out for on my account (do you Need me to provide any further details to locate my account?).
I have seen the reason for failed installation stated a number of times in this community, however given the circumstances I presented in my original post I would like to understand the reason as to why the installation was not carried out. As I mentioned I took the afternoon off work, rearranged access for the work to be performed, and has caused me embarrassment with the landlord who made available access to one of the meters needed for the installation. I hope that you agree I would need more than a stock answer to determine the reason for the inconvenience.


We don’t get told why an appointment is cancelled I’m afraid. We can only advise the typical reasons these appointments don’t go ahead.

Regarding the new booking of an appointment, please follow this link here

Once again, I’d like to apologise that this appointment did not go ahead and can advise that the compensation will be added to your account within the next 10 days as Katie advised above.

– Robyn :bulb: