Smart meter installation doesn’t work

Smart meter installed just over 1 month ago And doesn’t work and I still can’t get Bulb to help me.
I’ve just switched to Bulb and thinking of switching back to old supplier. Any help would be great.

I ended up taking Bulb to Ofgem. You have to complain loads first though as you have to provide evidence that you’ve attempted communication. Only when I went to Ofgem did I get a response after months of Bulb’s awful customer service.

Sorry to sound like doom and gloom but you’re at the back of a VERY long queue for a fix from a company that doesn’t answer emails and puts you on hold for 30 minutes. You could try contacting the energy ombudsman like some on here have done, you may get an apologetic email but it won’t result in a working “smart” meter.

At the moment there is no fix available for any companies “smart” meters.

Just relax and sit it out and pretend you don’t have a “smart” meter and continue to give manual readings.

This is precisely the point that everyone seems to miss. It isn’t a case of “if only Bulb would respond to my email and click the ‘fix all the problems’ button then everything would be great”. No amount of complaints or slaps on the wrist from the ombudsman is going to get the needed code written any quicker.