Smart Meter Installation Failure x2


I received an email from Bulb back in August saying they were finally installing smart meters in my area. I jumped at the chance to get away from my old dual rate meter and booked straight away.

The first appointment was cancelled via a phone call from Siemens, as they couldn’t make it. I re-booked for the following week. I’ve just had another call from Siemens saying they can’t make the second appointment and don’t have any availability on their system at all now.

2 days taken off work wasted, not happy Bulb!

What’s going on?

Email sent to Bulb, saying the same thing as the above post. Response received today…

“Thanks for your email it looks like your account has been canceled. If that isn’t right please let me know.”

Forget it, I give up. I’ve just gone back on the booking website and I see slots are now available in October and November. I’ve booked, yet again, perhaps it will actually happen this time.

3rd time lucky! Installed last week. Still unable to change from Dual Rate to Single Rate tariff, as Bulb don’t answer phones, emails, or forum posts, it seems.

@Strontium00 Mine also got cancelled by the siemens engineer who said they would cancel it their end so i don’t get penalised. I just tried to book again, got to the confirmation page for it to fail - so frustrating!