Smart meter installation – how easy is "easy access to meters"?

I am filling in the online application form to have a smart meter installed, and have come to the question “Are your meters easy to access?
This means the meters are not hard to reach, have about 2ft of free space around them, and aren’t more than 8ft above the ground.”

The electricity meter is no problem, but the gas meter is in the under-stairs cupboard, so the engineer would have to kneel down to get to it. Would this be okay?

Best if you send a photo to and let them decide if a meter can be fitted,that’s what Bulb told me to do.
If Siemens arrive and can’t fit the meter there’s a £30 charge.
Have you seen all the posts on here regarding not so smart meter problems?

Thanks, Johno – I’ll do that and then speak to Bulb. I have seen that many people have had problems with their ?smart? meters. I’m hoping that these problems can soon be sorted out by firmware upgrades, but perhaps I’m being too optimistic!