Smart meter installation in a block of flats

Bulb are pestering me to install a smart meter but I live on a second floor flat, with my actual meter located in the basement in the adjacent building, probably about 60-80 meters away as the crow flies (or dives).

I am presuming the signal won’t reach my flat

Is that okay? Can I still have a meter installed?

I’m not too bothered about seeing the usage on a device - as long as I can login and view it on the app/website.

Hi @MarkWalsh :wave:

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The main thing here would be that the In-Home Display wouldn’t work given the distance from the meters. If this isn’t a consideration for you, then we’d just need to check a few others things before an installation.

For example, smart meters send readings to your Bulb account over a dedicated nationwide network (the ‘Wide Area Network’, or WAN). Currently, only certain parts of the UK have the right signal coverage for smart meters, so we’d need to be sure this was strong in your area.

Does the property have gas? Smart gas meters can only send their signal a short distance. And they need to be able to talk to your electricity meter to send readings to your Bulb account. If they’re further apart than about 10 metres, we won’t be able to install smart meters yet.

Cara :bulb:

They can always fit smart meters, but whether they get to be smart is another question.

Given the stated distance between your flat and the meter point, an IHD has zero chance of working.

And based on your description of where the meter point is (in a basement), I’d say the odds of a smart meter working as advertised are low (as @cara_at_bulb says, they need good signal, and that is made more difficult with below-ground installations).

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