Smart meter installation - incomplete setup

Hi, we had smart meters installed 3 weeks ago, at the time the engineer mentioned he could not complete the setup but that someone would ring to talk me through it. So far I’ve not received any phonecall and the IHD is not connecting to the meters. Can someone at Bulb please check that my meters have been setup correctly and advise how I can fix the IHD connection issue? Thanks

Welcome to the club! Have you checked via the bulb app to see if smart meter readings are being registered?
From my experience, if the meters aren’t connected to the smart network then the IHD won’t work.

If that is the case, then constant bugging to Bulb doesn’t get you anywhere…

If the meters are on the network, then I believe Bulb can help get your IHD working.

What is going on here. Why are they so many people left like this. My electric works but my gas wasn’t connected to the network (done different times). It’s really getting ridiculous now. I wonder how many bulb have installed recently are working fully?

Good question Tigermad…

Hi @cgmonk, welcome to the Bulb community!

Please can you follow these instructions in your Bulb account here:

You should see your usage appear within 48 hours. - Sam