Smart meter installation -- incorrect final meter readings

I had smart meters installed a few weeks ago. When I checked my online account, the final gas reading on my account is much higher than the true final reading. It looks like someone scrambled two digits when they put the reading into Bulb’s system. I have emailed Bulb twice to try to get this fixed but they have done nothing. I would advise anyone who has had smart meters installed to check the sticker or card that the engineer left by your meters. These have the final readings written on them, so you can check the readings on your online account are correct.

@beniamino, I had a similar issue with my install and Bulb sorted it out following sending over an image of the switch card.

If you’re just still waiting on an email, their response times there are still a little slow right now so it might take a while but they should get it sorted out for you.