Smart Meter Installation Listed Building


I’ve just received an email about the installation of Smart Meters.

I live in a 300 year old listed building. My meters are in a brick basement. I am worried about two things.

Firstly, that changing the meters will entail changes and damage to fixtures and fittings that are irreplaceable due to the placement of the current meters. I don’t want to be drilling additional holes of any kind, for example.

Secondly, the basement is a venerable Faraday Cage (certainly for other things in the 2.4GHz band such as 802.11x and Zigbee devices I have tried in the past) and so I think I’ll end up with a new meter, the damage and changes I wish to avoid above, to nobodies benefit.

Is it possible for me to opt-out of Smart Meter installation in these circumstances?

Yes, smart meters are NOT compulsory, yet!

Hey @0e97566796d278820d70 - as @skippy64 said, for now smart meters are entirely optional and it sounds like due to the placement and set up they wouldn’t operate with smart functionality at this time anyway, so I wouldn’t recommend them right now unless you do really want them.

I can add you to our smart meter refusals list so we don’t send you anymore emails about this if you want - just let me know by replying to me here!


Please do add me to that list. My somewhat strange username was generated by logging in via the main Bulb site. Hopefully you can tie it to my customer account :slight_smile:

Hi @0e97566796d278820d70, I’ve found your account and logged that your request, so you shouldn’t receive any further communications about smart meters :relaxed:

Lou :stars: