Smart meter installation no show!


I was expecting my smart meter to be installed today, between 12-4. The engineer hasn’t arrived and I haven’t been contacted.
It’s virtually impossible to get hold of anyone at Bulb so I have no idea what’s going on.

On reading the terms and conditions, I see I would have been charged £30 for not being at home if the engineer had arrived. So I’m guessing it works the other way around too. Seeing I’ve heard nothing and taken the time off work to be at home, I’m looking forward to my £30 credit onto my account.

As for the smart meter, I wouldn’t be bothering to make a effort in the future.

Hi @ds_bentley,

We are really sorry to hear about the installation. This can happen if an engineer is diverted to an emergency.

You will be credited £30 for the missed installation. If you wanted to rebook the appointment you can do in your account through this link -


@Mel_at_Bulb Any chance of credits owing to the inability to actually install working smart meters?

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The problem is the contractor used to install them. I installed business meters for them for a while and that was ok, but I got out when the domestic started. The company really do not have a clue.

Hi @Phytone3d,

Are you having trouble with your smart meters working? If so, I can send you an email to see if there is anything we can do.

@SamR_at_Bulb Whilst I hate hijacking another thread. Sure, let’s see what you can do. Fitted around August 4th, and been dumb the whole time. Bulb have instructed 2 x comms reboots, to no avail, tried changing SMART reporting in the app, nowt.
No one seems to be able to explain why the units arent on the network, or anytype of solution at all. I can think of one, a big hammer to accidentally wreck the LCD…

Hi @Phytone3d we’re now receiving smart gas readings from your meter which is great.

It doesn’t look like the electricity meter wasn’t connected to the smart network by the engineer. I’ve requested with the smart team that this is attempted remotely and will send you an email once I’ve had a response from them

I wouldn’t worry too much about a smart meter, I had Bulb install a one in Feb 2020 and it still doesn’t work. The engineer said it would be up and running within a week. Despite numerous emails to and from Bulb nothing has happened apart from false promises, the meter is completely dumb. Complete waste of everyone’s time and I bet someone is claiming rewards for installing so many of these meters.

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb I saw one reading in Sept/Aug and thought it was an error, as it should be reporting a lot more frequently.
I’d doesn’t surprise me about the engineer, he didn’t inspire much confidence as he couldn’t get the original meter out, and the energy board had to loosen the screws for him… ifnut can be done remotely, that is good… If you need anything, let me know.

@springstones Yes. They get paid for smart installs but don’t get paid for trying to fix them.

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb any update?

Hi @Phytone3d,

I’ve just checked and it looks like Matthew is still waiting for an update from our Smart team on this - sorry for the delay. As soon as he hears back, he’ll let you know.

@GeorgieS_at_Bulb is there an ETA of when something will be done… getting a bit frustrated with the lack of communication and direction…

Thanks for your reply @Phytone3d!

We were informed today that we have raised this to see if we can remotely commission this. This process usually takes a few weeks, but hopefully then you’ll notice your electricity meter connecting as it should if this is successful.

Sounds promising… i’ll be keeping an eye out and will report back in a “couple of weeks”…

@GeorgieS_at_Bulb, @Matthew_W_at_Bulb

Still nothing on my end concerning the electricity/IHD.

Need to employ better engineers, waited in for the 4 hour slot he arrived towards end of the slot (fair enough), only for him go look at electric meter and say oh I can’t get that bit off someone else will have to do it probably be a couple months. Absolutely rubbish when you have a daughter with special needs in the house

Hey @fegparker, thanks for your post.

I’ve taken a look into this for you, and it looks we need the DNO to come out to your property to carry out some work before we’ll be able to swap your meters. I’m going to pop you an email now with some more detail!

All the best,

“Funny” how Bulb advertises using mythical non-existent Unicorns on the TV. Bit like their Smart Meter installers, not showing up (or even having the decency to contact me) Today 22/02/21. Please send me the phone number of the installer - I fancy an argument… Oh, and looking forward to, at least, £30 credit on my bill, too. May as well take some cash back from whoever is pocketing it…