Smart meter installation not connected

Has anyone had the same problem that we had today with the new smart meter installation. Our engineer installed the meters but they would not connect

@Sandysally, yes.

I was one of the first installations and the engineers were at my house for almost 7 hours…
Two communication hubs and a lot of phone calls later and they left defeated.
It was the first one that this group of engineers had ever installed in the wild but I don’t think that contributed to the issue.
They’ve been installed but dumb for a few weeks now.

I’ve got engineers coming again tomorrow to sort it out - I’ll update mid-afternoon with more information.

Where in the country are you located?

We are in Dalkeith, just outside Edinburgh, south-east Scotland

@Sandysally, seems you’re not the only one over there with issues recently. See here.

From discussions with Bulb, it sounds like Arqiva (who are providing the network that the Smart Meters run on in the North) have somewhat exxagerated the coverage of the network. It’ll get sorted, but it might take some time.

We’ve already demonstrated that our solution will connect to over 99% of smart energy and water meters wherever they are using a single long-range radio technology.

To update on my install, there was nothing that could be done on site, the coverage just isn’t good enough.

“O2 was yesterday selected as preferred bidder for two 15-year contracts, worth £1.5bn in total, to run networks for the central and southern UK. Arqiva won the £625m contract for the north.”

I guess you’re both northern-based? I must say I prefer the idea of using the 2G/3G networks.

The engineer at our install just outside Edinburgh said that there was no problem with our signal here. However, the meters would not connect

@Sandysally, did they actually test the signal in some manner, or just go from what they’ve been told? At least with phone signal they can test the strength of the network being used, but with the long range network in the north it seems that the engineers have no tools to check actual signal level.

Apparently the signal near my house was good, but after the two visits they’ve now realised it’s not. Arqiva told them it’s fine - arqiva told porkies.

I didn’t query how they checked the signal. I was simply told it was good. I was, however, concerned that I could not read the meters installed because of the communication problems and was told that our meters could be seen remotely by whoever the engineers were talking to to try and resolve the problem but that they would not connect to the hub