Smart meter installation requirements

I have a smart meter installation date this week. My electricity meter is located in the underground car park of my apartment building. Gas meter is located in my kitchen.

I believe i might have to cancel my appointment as i might not be eligible due to the electricity meter located in the car park.

Can you please advise?

Smart gas meters need to be within 10m of the smart electricity meter in order to actually be “smart” (technically, I suspect it’s 10m of the comms hub, but that’s always fitted next to the electricity meter). Beyond that range, it will be unable to communicate and effectively it will function as a “dumb” meter (ie you have to read it regularly just as you do now).

That your electricity meter is in an underground car park should not in itself be a problem (as long as you have access), but being underground may mean it’s not going to connect properly and reliably to the DCC network, which would essentially defeat the point of having it (because again, you’d be back to having to go and read it regularly).

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As @stevefoster has said - the meters should be no more than 10m apart, if there are outside walls in between the meters this could also cause problems with connectivity.

You would need to be able to access the meters in order to give access to the engineer.

If you do need to cancel the appointment you can do so in your Bulb account.


i do have access to electricity meter located in the underground car park. its more than 10 meters away from my apartment. on that basis i should cancel the smart meter appointment?

only gas meter is installed in my kitchen within the apartment.

Then a smart gas meter won’t be smart, and there’s no point in replacing the existing gas meter.

But it might still be worth having a smart electricity meter - if making regular visits to the underground car park to take electricity readings is a PITA, going smart for the electricity meter should eliminate that chore (assuming it can be commissioned properly and talks to DCC from that location).

It’s probably worth checking with your neighbours to see if any of them have had smart meters fitted in that underground facility, and if so, whether they’re fully smart or not…

Hi @maptradinguk - unfortunately if the gas meter is more than 10m away from the electricity meter, we won’t be able to receive your smart readings. Your readings are transmitted through the ‘comms hub’ on your electricity meter.

@stevefoster is correct that if there are no issues on installation, your electricity meter should still be able to transmit readings.

If you’d like to cancel the installation, you should be able to do this through your account - if you have any issues with this, please drop me a PM and I’ll be happy to help.

So what if the comms hub on the electricity meter isn’t communicating with the network ? because mine seems to be not receiving a signal or talking to my IHD6, the gas meter does so WTF is going on???