Smart meter installation - signal from gas to electric meter


I’ve received an email advising that smart meters are being fitted in my area. I’m keen to have one but only if it’s going to work so have a question about the installation if you don’t mind…

Even though you are installing SMETS2 meters, the problem will be the Home Area Network wireless connection from the gas meter to the electric meter.

My house is a 1930s bungalow with the electric meter in the front porch. The gas meter is at the right hand side of the house so if I leave the porch turn right and turn right again it’s 10 meters away, or it’s about 5 metres away as the crow flys (if it could fly through 2 solid walls).

The default HAN signal of Zigbee 2.4GHz will not work. I have tested this using broadband equipment on this frequency. As I think Glasgow (and Scotland) is covered by LRR, I assume the meter/communications hub will be EDMI and not Toshiba, therefore an external antenna is not an option.

The solution may be for the HAN to run on the new Zigbee 868MHz, although I appreciate that’s still not guaranteed.

Please could you tell me if the installer can provide a communications hub to run on Zigbee 868MHz and be able to test this before carrying out any work?

I fear the answer will be along the lines of “the installer will turn up in his van with whatever he has available and do the best he can” but thought I would ask anyway… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Bill

Thanks for posting on the community page :smiley:

I am impressed with your detective work! I have looked into this and consulted a few teams but sadly we have no way of requesting a specific comms hub, we work with Morrisons and Siemens for installations but we cannot request specific models.

As the gas meter is 10m away from the elec it is likely that that gas may not be commissioned- the gas meter being 10 m away from the elec would be the absolute maximum that we could install smart for however due to the thick walls there is likely to be coms connection issues here :disappointed:

So it is quite likely that you would need to carry on submitting the gas read but the elec would be sent to us via the smart network.

However, as with all new technology we cannot give guarantees about this.

Sorry that is not the answer that you were looking for.

I hope you enjoy your day :sunny:

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