Smart meter installation too high

I had a smart meter booked. The engineer came but the location was a few inches too high and he would not fit it. Is there an alternative?

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Sorry about this, our installs need to be below 8ft, anything near or over we would need to add a note for a ladder at least but some engineers may not do this. Can you confirm the height, would you say its over 8ft of the floor?

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You shouldn’t put your personal details on a forum!! I’d advise you to remove them. It’s how fraudsters obtain détails and then scam you.

You also posted earlier that you were away for a week AND posted your address!!

ok thanks very much for that.

The height is 2.65m or 8ft 8 inches.

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Hi @timflood,

I can see this has now been raised with our metering team who will arrange the appointment and be in touch with you directly about dates.

– KT :bulb: