Smart Meter installation with economy 7

Hi, I had my smart meter fitted yesterday and the install went really smoothly but I’m very confused about my tariffs.
I previously had an economy 7 meter with a day and night rate but can’t seem to see that on either the in home display or meter.
The instruction book left isn’t for my meter and I can’t find anything on the bulb site.
Help please as I’m concerned I’ve been put on a single tariff.

I’m sure a Bulb Representative will correct me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly sure Economy 7 isn’t supported on Smart Meters and your suspicions are correct that you’ve been moved to a single tariff

I guess you’d need to check with Bulb re your tariff, but I was on an economy 7 meter pre-smart meter and can confirm I’m still on an Economy 7 tariff with one. I don’t see a different rate on my IHD, but I know I still get one as I often heat my hot tub over night and when I look at my IHD pre 8:30am, current usage cost is much lower (around 27p/per hour) as opposed to after 8:30am (around 40p/per hour). I can’t say much more than that, other than to play around and monitor your current usage.

I transferred my Economy 7 to a Smart meter with Bulb and have no problems at all. Try scrolling through the meter info and you will see the dual rates

Hi @alancolwyn49, @shaun5948 , @nick85 , @Beanbag :wave:

As has been mentioned, you should be and are (having taken a look at your account) on a 2-rate tariff.

We’ll get the readings through automatically once all the information for the new meter has been updated on our system. This can take about a week from the installation date, so do let us know next week if you’re still experiencing issues.

Cara :bulb: