Smart meter installations

Had a couple of emails with a link to arrange smartmeter installation because doing this area.
If i select i have immersion heater it says can’t install a meter with this system.
I’m on economy 7. No storage heaters.
Water tank with two immersion heater, one for day, one on timer for during the night.
There are two meters day and night.
Because no storage heaters this is a pretty useless system.
So what’s the reason behind can’t install this system with a immersion heater.
There is no gas here.
(just moved in btw)

Is your immersion heater controlled directly by a timer in one or both of the meters? i.e., does your “night” meter automatically turn anything on when the night rate is active? Do you have two consumer units (“fuse box”), one for each meter? The problem is that smart meters do not have the necessary fifth terminal to switch on a circuit that is active only during the night rate.

You’ll most likely have to get your own local electrician to consolidate everything on your own internal installation down to one incoming supply so that the night meter isn’t actually connected to anything, and then at that point your supplier will be able to remove both meters and replace them with one smart meter.

One fuse box, on the fuse box is one clock just for the Second night immersion heater which could be easily switched to the main circuit because then wouldn’t need the day top immersion heater.
The wall heaters switch on day or night and are not storage heaters.
There are two electricity meters which are reading day and night usuage.

So next door is exactly same apartment as mine.
Turns out she on bulb with smart meter installed.
No diiference in systems at all.
So all of above nonsence which is what i suspected.
But no.way im switching to smart.
Her bills 90+
Mine -40
So everything irrelevant.

Looking back at this I see I was mislead by your original post where you said “There are two meters day and night”. No. You have one meter that has two rates. You may think I’m being pedantic, but there are properties with two separate meters for two rates, and also properties like yours with one dual rate meter. The situations are different and require different solutions, so it’s important to be clear when you describe your installation.

In your photo, I obviously didn’t look carefully enough to notice that you have a dual rate meter and a radio controlled time switch. I foolishly just believed what you had written. I agree now there is no reason why all of that can’t be simply replaced by one standard smart meter. I’m sorry the advice I gave was “irrelevant”.

Can’t comment on your neighbour or their billing issues.