Smart meter installed and doesn’t work!

Had a Smart meter installed nearly 2 month ago and it’s still not working, I’m new to Bulb but thinking of changing supplier already. They just will not help! Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you in anticipation

If you browse this forum regularly there have been numerous issues with smart meters and multiple complaints with them.

Changing supplier won’t help as they’re all floundering about in the same sinking ship you’ll just have to grin and bear it until the whole sorry mess sorts itself out(I live in hope rather than expectation)not holding my breath for a quick fix anytime soon

people need to chill about smart meters. get them installed, forget about them, then further down the line things will work and we’ll be able to do awesome things because we have them.

And people also need to remember that smart meters is a government initiative that, because of privatisation and the UK’s obsession with extreme capitalism, has been, unfairly and idiotically, thrust upon the suppliers rather than the network operators. :woman_shrugging:

lets all just chill out about it.


Well said @hiphopopotamus

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Welcome to the not so exclusive club and join the very long wait for a fix.

Yes. I have just had mine installed and I am looking forward to the day when I can query my own data at 10s intervals (electric) with a cheap open source device.


I had my smart meter installed in early April2019 and never had it working yet, but maybe I can help. From what I’ve read some meters are unable to connect to the smart network & need a firmware upgrade to fix the issue. Because the smart network is down the upgrade would have to be done over your wifi network. Just checked mine & I only had one signal display icon on top left hand corner, there should be two (sim-smart & wifi). So my smart meter was installed without the wifi connection. Anyway followed the below guide and I now have two icons which means a firmware upgrade is now possible. Not sure if this will help but at least its now got a chance :slight_smile: