Smart meter installed by Bulb, never sent a reading

I’ve been a Bulb customer for a long time. Had a smart meter installed many many months ago. Engineer said something was wrong at the time but said it should sort itself out. IHD seems to work fine. However readings from the meter, to my knowledge, have never been sent to Bulb. Still being asked to give manual readings. I have ignored. Please fix my smart meter!

Are your statements showing estimated readings?

Yes. Never had a smart reading

Purely a personal observation I would supply a manual reading to Bulb ottherwise you may be landed with a hefty future bill if Bulb have been underestimating your usage over a period of time.

I would think at the moment Bulb are not receiving readings from your smart meter in which case there is an onus on you to supply manual readings

This is from Bulbs T&C

You must give us an up-to-date meter reading for your energy at least every 90 days and when requested by us if there is a reason we need more up-to-date meter readings. This will allow us to bill you as accurately as possible.

I spotted a similar problem in the months after I got mine installed.

The fix was that Bulb changed it from submitting monthly readings to daily ones, the impression I got was that there was some problem on their end if it was giving readings monthly at a different timing to when they were looking for them for billing.

An agent rectified it via the chat facility, but I think reading submission frequency is something that can be changed through the web site?

My SmartMeters were installed in mid October and have not yet responded to Bulb with an autoread. I have had to submit a manual gas read but I am not able to get a reading from Electric meter to submit (I previously had a day and night) and now I have no idea. Have been in touch with @Bulb on several occasions only to be told ‘Oh we will need ot look into it to fix it’. A complaint has been raised and it has now expired the respond by date so I am mist tempted to raise to Ombudsman. Anyone done this and got anywhere?