Smart Meter Installed - Gas Cant Connect - No Explanation?

Smart Meter installed today- gas wont connect - then they email me teling me the same ? anyone have same issues?

It’s well documented on this forum. Its every common issue.

bulb are morons and the siemens fitters are also morons.

after emails about how wonderful my new bulb smart meter would be and all the benefits it would bring are.

  1. electricity apparently set up, but reports unavailable.
  2. gas - they email me to tell me the “engineer” coujld not set it up, and that i need to fill out readings manually.
  3. the siemens engineer fills out a report telling me that the boiler flue is cracked and dangerous and needs immediate attention, so i call out at heating engineer at a cost of £60who advises me that there is no issue with the flue whatsoever, the siemens numpty has seen then manufacturing seal line on the flue ( the one that is a perfect straight line up the middle of the flue) ad thinks its a crack.

so where am i after thier wonderful offer to instal a smart meter?
no further forward in terms of meter reporting, a waster day off work and £60 down due to meter installer knowing nothing about boilers.

time to leave bulb

Smart meters have not been well thought out. Any supplier will be having issues with the smets 2. Bulb have handled it particularly badly.

I didnt get a smart meter knowing the problems. I was waiting for them to be categorically fixed before getting one.

This forum has been awash with these issues since around March this year and seeing the posts only strengthened my view.

What persuaded you to get one?