Smart Meter installed. No gas reading

Had gas and electric smart meter installed on 18/12/2020.

From day 1 the electricity usage is being shown on the IHD.

There has not been any reading of the gas seen on the IHD or online.

Is there a way to confirm the connection between the meters?

Hi @dkt.welsh,

We’re still waiting for some information from the installer about your gas meter. If you notice this hasn’t updated in a week or two, please pop me a reply here and we’ll be able to get that sorted for you.


Just to say the IHD still isn’t showing gas readings.

Definitely within the 10m range. Gas meter appears to be working. Just no connection to electric meter and IHD.

Have noted in Bulb account the electric readings appear in the readings tab. No gas though readings though and you appear to be estimating the readings of the old meter.

Hi Georgie

Just to say its been over 2 weeks since your reply.

The IHD is still picking up electric readings - but gas readings are not showing either on the IHD or on the Bulb account online.

What is the next step?