Smart Meter Installed, No invoice for usage. I H Display and smart app readings

I had a replacement smart meter fitted on June 1 2021 to replace a previous faulty smart meter. I have not had an invoice for my usage since then. It is now September 2021. Whilst on the topic of meters I find the Chamelion IHD a bit strange in that whilst it gives daily usage in £p its energy display is marked in kW but appears to display MW on the electricity display. I also have the smart app on my phone and whilst I can get the various histograms there are no units on the display, numbers yes, but no units, ( I would have lost marks at school for presenting data like this) so I’m not sure what the data represents. We went out the other day and had the boiler switched off but it still showed the same usage despite no gas being used that day. It was definitely off as the hot water was cold.

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After looking at your account, I can see you received a consolidated statement for the period between 10/05/21 - 09/08/21. Your next statement is due in the next few days.

You’ve received this statement because some of your account information has been updated. In this case, we received some new readings/updated details of your new meter which meant that we had to recalculate your statements.

We have a help page on our wesbite about the SmartThings App here.

The app will always show a cost higher than the In-Home Display (IHD) in your home. That’s because it includes the standing charge, a daily fee all energy suppliers charge to pay for maintaining the energy network.

Is it appearing in MW on the IHD or the SmartThings app?

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Hi Daisy,

Thanks for your reply, before making my post I went on to your website to check what statements I have received. The latest shown was 10th May 2021.

Since receiving your reply I have looked again and yes there is a consolidated statement dated yesterday which has suddenly appeared.

Unfortunately, I do not agree with the figures:

The statement for Gas claims I have used 12, 761.2 kWh over the period 10 May 2021 to 1 June 2021.

This represents 22 days which gives an average of 580 kWh per day. This then equates to 24.12 kWh per hour.

The only eqipment on the supply is a 20kWh input boiler which would have to have been on for 29 hours every day!

Over the period concerned the radiators were mostly off and the only use was water and space heating with thermostats and time switches on for shorts periods

The previous 30 days (which were colder hence I would have expected higher readings than the period in question)

were 2166 kWh or 72 kWh per day a lot less than the 580 kWh per day for the next 22 days

The following 71 days ( demand down to hot water only as was some of the period in question) were 804 kWh or 11.3 kWh per day

So the query is why the peak readings of 580kwh per day following 72kWh/day previous and 11.3 kWh/day afterwards.

I would suggest the error came from the closing reading on the old Gas meter which shows as a customer reading

but was input by the man who changed the meter. The old meter was strange to read as it cycled through lots of different readings

only one of which was in cubic metres.

As it was set to give you readings every half hour and was working as a smart meter

up until it was removed surely you have a record of what it was reaing on May 30 2021?

It was our electric meter that had stopped working but they had to be replaced as a pair,

The problem I have with the Chameleon IHD 6 is that it is showing Electric £1.09 so far today but when I go to the kWh option it shows

0.00 kWh so far today I would have expected £1.09 - 22p standing charge = 87p which equates to 87/17.835 = 4.87 kWh so far today.

If I go to so far this week I get £3.41 and 0.01kWh or so far this month £14.94 and 0.06kWh. which if it is MWh would mean 60kWh

which is perhaps a bit low so not clear what it represents.

The lack of units (SI Units not kWh) on the Smart Things app will need a bit more investigation before it becomes a useful tool.


Just noticed I put kW and MW meant kWh and MWh in original post.

Hi @steve14

The last meter reading we have for your old gas meter is 9883 which looks like it was submitted through the Bulb Account- Can you check the yellow sticker on the front of your gas meter as this also should list the last reading? If this isn’t right we can correct that for you.

The IHD only updates every so often so it might not show the use right away. If the IHD isn’t showing the right data at any time can you please fill out this form in your Bulb account.

Once you’ve sent that in, we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working within 24 hours. Make sure you keep your IHD turned on, and within 5 metres of your electricity meter overnight. Turn it off and on again in the morning if nothing has changed on the display.

If it doesn’t work, please try following the steps in your Bulb account again on a different date, as the fix can sometimes work on the second try. If it still hasn’t worked, just let us know.

– H :bulb:

Hi Holly,
The yellow sticker shows 9883.6 which agrees with the figure on the statement. What I am disputing is whether or not this figure is correct. The figure implies that I used more gas in late spring than I did in the middle of winter. The heating was hardly on as it was warm outside during the period concerned. To have clocked up that usage the boiler would have to have been on flat out for 29 hours every 24 hours (SIC). The reading you have was supplied by the man who changed the meter and not by me. Surely you have a record of what the meter sent you on 30th May 2021 as until the meter was changed it was regularly sending you readings for half hour intervals. I should have checked him read the meter but with Covid etc I left him to it.

Surely this has to be wrong cubic metres vs date. Meter Change June 10th 2021.
Trying to send a picture

Hi @steve14, I’ve taken a look at this and I do agree that this closing reading must be wrong, based off of your historic usage. As a result, I’ve corrected this on my system and we will rebill you accordingly for this. Sorry for this issue but thank you for your cooperation in getting this sorted :relaxed:

Lou :sparkles:

Many Thanks got the new bill and it looks fine,

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