Smart Meter Installs

Hi all. We have an internal 2 rate electric meter and an external gas meter in a brown semi-concealed box with a sloped lid. I am wanting to get smart meters installed but ever since I have been looking it says you can’t install these types of smart gas meters. I am happy to switch to single rate electric to get that smart meter, but when can I get the gas one done? It’s getting tedious submitting weekly meter readings (have recently switched to gas from storage heaters so wanting estimated consumption to go down, already dropped 10,000kWh of electric!).

Hi @scrog1 :wave:

This isn’t actually an issue with the electricity it is because of the semi-concealed gas meter. The metering company that Bulb works with unfortunately does not have the capabilities to exchange this type of gas meter for a smart meter at the moment. We hope to be able to book in these kind of jobs in future, but sadly we’re not able to do so right now.


Jenny :star: