Smart Meter Invite - Useless

Hi Bulb.

Any chance you could explain why you send out invites to have a “Smart Meter” installed

"Smart meters are here, and you can get one installed for free. Our smart meters are second generation meters that can be read by any supplier.
Engineers are in your area in the next few weeks so don’t miss out.
We think smart meters are great because you’ll:

Never need to submit another meter reading
Receive accurate bills based on your usage
See what you’re spending on energy in real-time"

Went to sign up immediately and book an appointment on receiving the invite only to be told “There are no appointments available
Sorry about that. We’ll email you as soon as that changes.”

Is this just so “Bulb” can quote the number of “Smart Meters” offered and the “Take Up” offer? you know, hey Mr Ofgem we offered all these smart meters and nobody takes up the offer, but hey we offered… (but saves us the cost of installs)

Hi @MX66

Sorry that we’ve not got back to you sooner. I’m sorry that we sent you an invite if you couldn’t actually book one. I’ve sent your details over to our smart team to have a look at why that is. Thanks for flagging it as it’s really not a good member experience and we’ll look to get that fixed!