SMART Meter invite

Afternoon all, just got the email inviting us to install a SMART meter but as we have an immersion heater the AI tells us we cannot have one. The immersion is not connected to the night rate side of the supply and is operated by its own ON/OFF or manually operated timer switch. My understanding is that this set up is OK for a SMART meter. Just want to be sure before pressing “GO” and potentially wasting an engineers time. All other installation criteria are met. Can anyone confirm my thinking - or am I wrong? R-

Good afternoon @RogerB,

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Having taken a quick look into your account now for you, unfortunately we cannot book in 5-terminal smart meter installations at the moment, as the Smart network don’t have those meters manufactured as an industry just yet.

We may however be able to proceed with this meter installation depending on how many terminals are at the bottom of your meter itself, and whether this is 4 wires or 5.

I have sent you an email now to provide a bit more of an explanation on this. Whenever possible, please do respond to my email with your meter photo and I’ll be able to take it from there for you.

Best wishes,

Thank you Diana - image sent. For others there are four wires coming out of the meter. R-